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Zenvo ST1 1104 hp a Danish Supercar

Zenvo ST1

We bring firsthand the great feeling of the last Geneva Motor Show 2014, little known in the world market, but a real supermachine able to accelerate our hearts with his power and exclusivity. This is the Zenvo ST1! The Danish Zenvo company is announcing the creation of the model since 2009 but that really has launched at the beginning of ... Read More »

Lykan Hypersport from W Motors


Lykan Hypersport company car Arab W Motors, the supercar capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds! This machine costs the value of 3.4 million dollars. Not for nothing that the Lykan Hypersport cost so much, after all, it was designed in the United Arab Emirates, where many wealthy sheikhs have unique love ... Read More »

The McLaren P1 GTR


For all supermachines lovers, Ferrari already had his Ferrari FXX K, but the McLaren P1 GTR is designed for clues to face this market competitors. The McLaren GTR is available for owners of the original P1 acquired in his own McLaren. The option of changing this machine, the owner not only got the power increase, but also takes a whole ... Read More »

Ferrari FXX K with 1,050 hp


Ferrari brings your supercar to replace the laferrari. Ferrari FXX K, which speculated to be chamanda XX LaFerrari not only changed its name but also the look was impressive and the power increased to 1,050 hp. Ferrari will use for the owners of the vehicles the same way the original FXX, which maintains the model exclusively for the clues and ... Read More »

The amazing Aston Martin Vulcan


The super sports fashion of the most famous brands in the world is on the rise. After the Ferrari FXX K and McLaren P1 with GTR, Aston Martin unveiled the new Vulcan, an exclusive model for specific circuits and events, meeting all the prerequisites of the FIA. The news was shown to the public at the Geneva Motor Show and ... Read More »

GM launches Pickup Silverado HD version


General Motors aiming not get behind the Ford comes with innovations for the F-150, brings innovation to the market in the pickup Silverado HD version. The new pickuptruck bring a visual with unique touch and expansion in load capacity and towing and will be offered with bodies 2500 and 3500. The engine is a V8 gasoline 6.0 to 322 hp ... Read More »